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Taking care of our clients’ health is the most important aim for us. Medical market introduces endless number of possibilities of supports. Based on our experiences, therefore, we have been adopted various approaches of examinations.



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Basic Health Screenings & Exams

The content of these examinations is blood pressure measurement, urinalysis and stool test, examination of eyes and blood, hearing test, mammography, lung examination and examination of cardiac function.

Basic examinations

Case-History, measurement of glucose level, proteins, erythrocytes, leukocytes, blood serum tests and blood pressure measurement

Special examinations

Function of the liver, kidneys, thyroid gland, ECG, lungs´ and bronchial diseases, lungs´ capacity test, breast cancer test, advice from specialists after examination.

Young male psysician with patient measuring blood pressure
Doctor showing x-ray image to female patient


Full range of exams for early detection of major diseases.


Complete test of thyroid gland, examination of male hormone, mineral bone density, ultrasound of the prostate, whole body scans of the body fat, abdominal CT, pelvic CT, colonoscopy, etc.


Complete test of thyroid gland, examination of the female hormone, ultrasound of the thyroid gland, mineral bone density, breast ultrasound, ultrasound of the pelvis, examination for human papilloma virus, measurement of biological age, etc.


Top-class program with the most advanced medical instruments such as MRI, PET-CT.


Examination for a complete test of diabetes by blood samples collection, stress test in the form of a treadmill, echo cardiography, ultrasound of the cervical artery, examination of the brain using MRI + MRA

Family package

This examination icludes two packages and that is PREMIUM and PLATINUM

We include examinations such as basic health screening and other basic examinations (male and female) for two persons.


Optional examination

Elective exams can be added to Basic Health Screening.

Basic examinations

Thyroid testing (ultrasound of the thyroid gland), bone density, viscelary fat, breast ultrasound, ultrasound of the pelvis, cervical testing, examination of human papilloma virus, ultrasound of the prostate, examination of the lungs, examination of the ankle brachial index.

Special examinations

Examination of the cervical artery, examination of the heart (coronary artery), examination of the abdomen and colon, liver, ultrasound of the cervical artery, stress test form The treadmill, echo-cardiography, CT values of calcium in the coronary arteries, abdominal CT and pelvic CT, Liver fibrosis, MRI + MRA brain, whole body MRI, etc.


Specialized packages no.1

Detailed health screening programs in specific body parts (for maximum accuracy of the organ examination).

Examination content

Digestive system tests + basic health screening, colonoscopy (endoscopy with mild sedative), abdominal CT and pelvic CT, liver fibrosis and fat scan, respiratory system examinations, lungs tumor markers, complete cardio test, nutrition consultation, Stress test, arterial stiffness and stenosis test, ultrasound of the cervical artery, echo -cardiography, coronary CT angiography, MRI + MRA brain, examination of vertebral column, cervical spine X-Ray (frontal, lateral and oblique image), MRI spine


Specialized packages no.2

Detailed health screening programs in specified body parts.

Examination content

Gynecological examination, examination of the female hormone, ultrasound of the thyroid gland, pelvis and breast cancer, obesity testing, nutrition consultation, complete lipid test, diabetes testing, osteoporosis, allergies, immunity, complete allergy and immunity test etc.

beautiful interior of a surgical operating

Body Remodeling

A exercise prescription program enhancing body balance is the Korea’s first examination for body design.

Examination content

Body Remodeling, body measurements (blood pressure, body composition…), 3D whole body scans, flexibility test, analysis of spine and posture, muscle strength tests, lumbar or thoracic flexion and extension tests, gait analysis, balance tests, breathing force tests, Tests of cardio pulmonal exercises in the form of a running trainer or bike, etc.


Adolescents Health Screen

The examinations of adolescent children are divided into two types (A, B)

Type A

Blood pressure measurement, body composition, metabolism tests (glucose, lipids), liver function, kidney and thyroid, examinations such as hepatitis A, B, C, rubella, hearing sharpness, electro-cardiogram, and chest X- Ray. 

Type B

Gastroscopy and Abdominal ultrasound 

Life in hospital

Premarital Health Screen

This examination is specifically divided for male and female.


This examination includes medical examination by the interview, blood pressure measurement, body compositions, urine and stool analysis, liver, kidneys and thyroid function, examination of various markers of tumors of the liver, pancreas, colon, prostate, Lung function X-Ray, electro cardiogram, gastroscopy and abdominal ultrasound. 


Cytology on a liquid basis in cervical testing (Thin Prep), rubella antibodies, mammograms (only over 30 years), ultrasound of the pelvis + examination of the pre-marital screening of a man’s health. 

Specific tests or examinations such as the ultrasound of the thyroid, breast ultrasound, HPV test (human papilloma virus is a significant risk factor for cervical cancer) can be added to the wishes of patients.



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